Bolted Shelving

bolted-shelving-869690The Kwikerect Bolted shelving system is a time-tested solution for commercial and industrial warehouse applications. Designed for hand loading of products, this industrial shelving solution is made extremely rigid by the bolts that fasten the shelves in place. This strength makes bolted shelving the best solution in areas where shelves may be bumped or dislodged. Angle posts, braces and gussets assembled with nuts and bolts maximize the rigidity and capacity of the shelving.
This system can be used as open type shelving, or accessories such as back, sides, dividers, base plants and fronts may be added. Clips can also be used to add removable shelving. The flexible nature of the Kwikerect Bolted shelving system makes it a very popular shelving and storage solution across a wide range of industries.
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