Highrise Shelving

highrise-shelving-540138North American Steel’s highrise shelving systems offer an excellent high-density storage solution. Ideal for small parts, file and record storage, tire storage and more, this system is designed for hand loading. Order selection is typically performed with order picking trucks or stacker cranes.

We can create a highrise system using our Widespan 4000, Kwikerect 1000, or Easyup 7000 shelving systems, depending on the load capacity you require as well as your height requirements. Highrise warehouse shelving systems can be built up to 30 feet high, and can accommodate 6,000 – 20,0000 pounds per bay, depending on the shelving system selected.

To find out more about our highrise steel shelving solutions, contact the team at North American Steel. We can advise you on the best shelving system for your needs, and answer any questions you might have about choosing an industrial storage solution.