Steel Shelving Systems & Storage Solutions

easyup-7000-interlocking-434739At North American Steel, we manufacture a wide range of steel shelving systems, from bolted to boltless varieties, to high-rise shelving systems, long span warehouse shelving and more! Whether you require a light or heavy duty steel industrial shelving solution, we can design the right system for any application. Many types of accessories, such as dividers and drawers, are available so you can completely customize your shelving solution to meet the needs of your business.

North American Steel’s shelving systems are ideal for warehouses, stockrooms, retail floors, document storage, grocery and freezer storage, and anywhere else you need to maximize storage capacity. Our heavy duty industrial shelving is strong, durable, and features a long-lasting powder coated finish so you can rely on it to perform for years to come.  Mezzanine shelving can be used to add a second floor and maximize space and in some cases double space in picking warehouses.

For more information about any of our warehouse shelving systems, get in touch with North American Steel today. Our skilled engineering and design team can develop steel shelving systems that make your operations more efficient.

Our innovative steel shelving systems include:

Longspan Steel Shelving

Our Easyup 7000 series boltless long span shelving systems are suited for hand loading of large or heavy items. This shelving system offers open accessibility from all sides, since no cross bracing is necessary. Assembly is quick and these shelves can be easily adjusted according to your changing needs.

Widespan Shelving Systems

The Widespan 4000 series industrial shelving systems are boltless and clip-less. In conjunction with particle board shelf inserts, this steel shelving frame can carry loads up to 1900 lbs. on each shelf. Wide span shelving is suited to hand loading of large, heavy, or awkwardly-shaped merchandise, as well as for catwalk or mezzanine storage applications.

Highrise Shelving

North American Steel’s highrise industrial shelving systems are designed for maximum storage efficiency. Suited for hand loading of small to large items, records storage, parts storage and more, this high rise shelving can be created using our Widespan 4000, Easyup 7000 or Kwikerect 1000 warehouse shelving systems.

Boltless Shelving Systems

Our Kwikerect Boltless shelving system is suited to the storage of small to medium-sized items. These shelves are easily adjusted and are designed to accept a variety of accessories including dividers, bin fronts and label holders. We also offer plastic, cardboard and steel bins and drawers that are custom designed to fit perfectly with your boltless shelving solution.

Bolted Warehouse Shelving

The Kwikerect Bolted shelving system is one of the most widely used solutions for hand loaded products in commercial and industrial applications. This system consists of angle posts, shelves, and braces or gussets secured with nuts and bolts. Our standard slotted angle steel shelving can be used as open type for bins or cartons.