Widespan Shelving

widespan-shelving-880660Totally boltless and clipless, the Widespan 4000 series steel shelving system consists of 4 components: uprights, frame connectors, beams and shelves. When used with particle board shelf inserts, each shelf can carry loads up to 1,900 lbs. Ideal for retail stores, this warehouse shelving system can store large, heavy and odd-shaped products with ease.

Also used for high-rise, catwalk and mezzanine applications, widespan shelving is made extra-strong with welded frames and beam supports for shelves. The shelves can be accessed from either side for flexibility. If additional strength is required, you can opt for heavy duty solid steel shelves.
Widespan shelving is installed easily, and is one of the quickest industrial shelving systems to set up at your location. With no hardware or bracing to attach, all parts hook and snap into place for a simple and fast installation.

For further information on our steel widespan shelving solutions, contact the team at North American Steel. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our warehouse shelving products and installation.